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  • Our mission is to build platforms across our media and marketplace properties to enable communities of creators to reach passionate audiences in large and growing lifestyle categories, while also helping advertisers find innovative ways to engage with their customers.

  • At Leaf Group, we know that our people must always be our greatest strength. In our mission to create passion-led lifestyle brands that are accessible for all, we work internally to make accessibility - regardless of background - a priority. We are committed to building and maintaining a strong and diverse team as we create loved and trusted brands that positively impact all communities we serve. Our goal is to have a company that reflects the world our brands thrive in. We know that we must work diligently, continuously and consistently to increase diversity, which makes for better, stronger companies. Our Leaf Group people are capable and powerful and the multiplicity of our backgrounds and perspectives is key to making us better at what we do.

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Working at Leaf Group

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Sean Moriarty

Sean Moriarty
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Unlimited PTO and medical benefits
Everyone is happy to help and do their job right
Communication is important in our organization


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Leaf Group's Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is 56, as rated by 116 employees. This means 67% of Leaf Group employees would encourage their friends to become coworkers today.

5 Cool Reasons to Work at Leaf Group

  1. We help creators reach audiences and consumers so we affect the lives on either side of our sites.
  2. We put people first.
  3. We believe in helping our teams grow through training and education.
  4. We want people on our teams who want to help create the work place they want to be in.
  5. We believe in giving back to the communities we are apart of.